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Books - The Medical War

The First World War is notorious for demonstrating the devastating effects that follow when industrialised nations commit to total war with each other. It is among the bloodiest wars thus far in human history, only eclipsed two decades on by World War II, and has shaped international relations in the century since. The world was introduced to chemical weapons, military aircraft, and mechanised tanks, but alongside these offensive innovations was the beginning of what we might call modern medicine applied to the battlefield.

Bookmarks - Letter to Dr Hern

Nestled between the pages of Selected Lectures And Essays I found this letter from J. G. Harbottle, a stock broker and mayor of Darlington. Regrettably this is the only half that made it into my book, so what he had the pleasure to enclose is left to the vagaries of time. Regardless, our Dr Hern does not appear to have made it far through his book, as this letter, dated the same year it was published, resided approximately a third of the way through.

Posts - The Lag in COVID-19 Admissions

During the interregnum in COVID-19 waves in the latter portion of 2020, there was much debate about just when we would need to see the return to mandatory lockdown. From calls for circuit breakers, to desperately trying to hammer home the nature of the phrase “exponential growth”, the general consensus agreed that by the time we started to see a significant shift in the numbers, a large part of the damage would already have been done.