One day I’ll write a fully fleshed-out version of this page, but until then, I’m a core anaesthetics trainee in the Southwest of England. I count programming among my hobbies, hence this website. I’m a keen reader, and have recently developed an interest in vintage/antique medical textbooks, so there’s likely to be a bit of that here too.

According to the GMC’s guidelines on Doctors’ use of social media, anyone identifying themself as a doctor must identify themself fully by name. Therefore, my name is George Harris and I can be found on the GMC Medical Register.

About the Site

This site is built with the static site generator Hugo, and hosted on Netlify. The styling and layout are largely my own, however I used the hugo theme mini by nodejh for inspiration and a jumping off point.

I’ve stressed lack of cruft and tracking when designing this site. Therefore, there are no imposed cookies, analytics, or methods of tracking as far as is reasonably possible. Commenting is not supported so not as to rely on third-party services like Disqus, instead people are welcome to contact me. Netlify undoubtedly has their own server logging, but until such time as I arrange to self-host this site, it will have to do.